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Set up your account. Purchase a digital-only subscription now for unlimited online access to local news and information. November 30, Since the Idaho legislature passed religious-exemption laws allowing parents to deny their children medical care, children have died. Compare Sex Varizen to the recent shootings in Las Vegas where 58 people were killed.

The entire nation was saddened and outraged at the Las Vegas tragedy, and my heart goes out to the friends and families of those victims; however, the religious exemption laws passed Sex Varizen the Idaho legislature have caused over three times as many deaths as the Las Vegas shootings, and source the Legislature is unwilling to retract the laws. Is it because the Idaho deaths occurred over time?

What if children died in a period Sex Varizen one week? Surely the Idaho legislature would repeal these religious exemptions.

Just because it has taken longer does not mean these lives are less significant. The Idaho legislature passed the laws causing these child deaths. They are the only ones who can, and should, repeal them and let these children live. Where do you stand on saving these children? I thought this was Sex Varizen opinion piece on abortion. Yes, lets protect only a certain class of children at specific developmental stages, but you can kill the rest.

Parents have Bein Was ist Krampfadern option to terminate some groups unprotected children, but should be forced to care for the other groups of read more children.

Liberal logic at it finest. So you think this is a Liberal issue Jarrik? It is not and has become an issue for everyone to take a long hard look at what is happening to living, breathing Children already born and walking around. I will work hard to get those on Capital Hill who refuse to do something to stop the outrageous killing of these Children. One who stands up and screams to high heaven about abortionLee Heider, seems to Sex Varizen it is ok to let little Sex Varizen die at the hands of religious fanatics.

And all in Sex Varizen name of politics and religion. Meanwhile Republicans continue to insist on "abstinence" only programs for birth control. And when the babies are born they stigmatize the single moms and do everything they can to put obstacles in the way of public assistance because they continue reading Sex Varizen to Sex Varizen their parsimonious world view while helping grow the ranks of poverty.

Conservative logic at its finest. It is not my job or any taxpayers job to pay for your birth control. It is also not my job to pay for the lack accountability of you and others. You sing the song of a typical socialist fanatic who wants the community to pay for failures of the individual.

Not only is it unfair it is unsustainable. How dare we hold people to a higher standard and accountability for their actions. Personal accountability has always angered liberals and confused them. This is why we currently see confused liberals turning ignorantly to communism and democratic socialism in droves. More government, more taxes, less freedom Sex Varizen not solve the problems of a decaying society you advocated for.

If he cared about lives, rather than changing the subject he would recognize that this is actually an issue we should all be able to agree on and work together to achieve for the greater good of all. But no, let the living Sex Varizen continue to be tortured and die while JV makes snide Sex Varizen political jibes. It contributes absolutely nothing to solving problems or finding common ground or bettering Sex Varizen, but he gets on Sex Varizen snark click to see more every time.

For those liberals that intentionally missed my obvious point, I want to protect the Sex Varizen of all children, regardless of what developmental stage they may be in.

You morally bankrupt buffoons only want to protect a certain class of child. Discriminatory protection for those children you deem important, for the children you deem unimportant, zero protection. Once again, liberals reveal they are the most disgusting of hypocrites.

That being said, without crayons, I cant make it any simpler for you to understand. You literally have no points to stand on, do you. I just said I want to protect the lives of ALL children. Did you Sex Varizen that?

Quit skirting that important fact, you mind-numbing troll. You are only willing to protect some children from their misguided parents. I want to protect them all. Just let that sink in for a Sex Varizen. Personal accountability is the ultimate contingency plan. Not taxpayer funded contraception, increased welfare states, more taxes and bigger government. Anything else you would like me to Sex Varizen for you? Little girls as young as ten getting pregnant by a monster who thinks he has the Sex Varizen to take away her ultimate contingency plan?

What about the Mother of 4 who was divorced from her monster husband and he broke in and brutally beat and raped her? Her doctor had told BOTH him and her she would not live through another pregnancy. This is my friend, a Mother who had to go through something you, a self righteous man, would never have to endure.

Something a MAN forced her into not due to any sort of accountability on her part. I sat Sex Varizen her many days and nights watching her go through a living hell on a decision she should not have had to make. This my friend is happening all around the Country due to someone thinking they have the right to rape a Sex Varizen or a little girl who is old enough to become pregnant. Do we force a young girl to go through 9 months pregnancy who is barely old enough to understand life itself let alone the complications of giving birth?

And you Sex Varizen scream to high heaven about having to pay for contraception but give it some thought. You either help those who have no means now or help even more when that Child is born into poverty. I would much rather my taxes go to keep that Woman from getting pregnant Sex Varizen to spend the rest of our lives paying for her AND a Child Where is the personal accountability of our arrogant politicians on Capital Hill when they fight against abortion and yet fight against helping our living, breathing, already born Children from staying alive by letting them suffer at Sex Varizen hands of religious fanatics?

I just know as humans we are caring, giving Sex Varizen want only the best for our neighbors and the hatred toward each other has really gotten out Sex Varizen hand. Stand up for your Sex Varizen and your issues but have compassion for Sex Varizen who may be struggling. These online lib-cucks are Kool-Aid swallowing stooges who can no longer think for themselves, let alone think rationally.

Because many of them are still children. Oh, and fighting against the deportation of the parents of children because kids need parents, right? Speaking of drinking kool aid. Big difference there chief is the illegals are being moved back to their home country. Did you really not understand the difference?

I recommend you slow down there big guy, thinking can be tough on a liberal. You knocked over the pieces and claimed to win the Sex Varizen. You do this a lot.

You should try harder "patriot. I want all children to live and have a chance at life. Why do some children get to live and others die in a liberal utopia? Lets protect them all. Stop attempting to intentionally be stupid.

Well then keep on with your anti choice crusade and quit objecting to others trying to save lives also. Abortion has been the law of the land for 40 years or so, letting kids die for religious reasons is only legal in 5 or 6 states. This is not and was not a discussion on Sex Varizen control. This is about being responsible for the lives Sex Varizen bring into this world while they are underage and under your supervision.

Allowing people to let living children die when they can be treated and saved is abhorrent and Idaho leaders should be ashamed and responsible fore letting children die. Everyone seems so worried about the unborn child, but current Sex Varizen and national politics make it clear they Sex Varizen no desire to care for those children as a society after they are born.

This is not Sex Varizen liberal issue. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually-oriented language. Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person.

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